Daily Archives: 5 August, 2005

Wire necklace.

Apparently, thinner wire is not much less painful to work with. The silver wire in the photo is 28 gauge, the second-finest they had at the store. It was much easier to work with, though. If I had iron fingers, something like this would be excellent for a craft fair. The cost of the materials was approximately $4.50 (and keep in mind, everything is more expensive in Hawaii), but if you were a bit more talented at it than I, they could easily sell for $10 or $15, I’m thinking.

I do love the look of the necklace, though I don’t see myself crocheting very often with wire. I just can’t get a uniform look to the stitches, and if you think Fun Fur hates to frog, try frogging jewelry wire! BUT I adore the delicate look of the necklace. Perhaps at some point in the unknown future I will have opportunity to wear it. I haven’t been to a party in about 4 1/2 years. Oddly, that doesn’t really bother me.

This is my own pattern, by the way. Well, it wasn’t really made from a pattern.

My current project is a dress for my older daughter based off the dress in Cool Crochet. It should be ridiculously simple, as there’s not much need for shaping a dress for a 3.5 year old, when it’s intended to be a pretty close-fitting dress. I should have it finished in the next few days. I was originally going to make it fairly long, but a review of the dress in the book shows it’s only supposed to come just below the knee, so I’ll need to remeasure Smoochie & adjust the length accordingly. (Less from a desire to be accurate than to finish sooner.) I love shrinking down adult patterns, and the kid can always use another sundress. I’m having hormone-induced daydreams of crocheting something for everyone in the family & then having a family portrait made after the new one gets here. I expect that particular haze to clear up shortly after my milk comes in fully once again. 😉 I will at least be making Linda an outfit based on patterns in the same book; can’t make something for Bobbie without making something for Linda. I made Bobbie a big sister outfit last time, it’s only fair I do it for both girls this time.