I actually followed a pattern.

Shock. Awe. Fright. I followed a pattern through to the end. And it was a pain. Literally, since it called for an E hook. Thin little thing hurts my fingers. But dear Lord, the end result is adorable:
Cute, aren’t they? I am just nuts about the loop stitch that I finally figured out when working this pattern.

These are actually about a month old; I put them in a drawer before remembering to take a picture of them. They lack only a ribbon to thread through the eyelet round you can see.

I am still working on Linda’s big sister skirt. Had to go buy another 4mm hook today, because I managed to lose the other one. Trying to save money, I bought the Susan Bates hook this time ($3 instead of $8). But it looks like a normal hook & is marked G, so I’m going to have to be careful.

Of course, what’s funny is that I’m changing hook size for shaping of the skirt. And I just switched from a G hook to a G hook. 😉 Of course, before I had to go buy another 4mm hook, I’d switched from an F (3.75 mm) to an F (4mm). Uniformity is my dream…


2 responses to “I actually followed a pattern.

  1. Ohhhh these are so adorable! Can I ask where you got the pattern?

  2. hi belinda I found you thru crochetville…you do beautiful work!

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