Daily Archives: 23 August, 2005

I have two new patterns.

I am just waiting to make a second baby sockie before I take pix & post the patterns at Crochetville. The heel of the sock was a pain to figure out, but I love the finished product.

I’ve temporarily abandoned Linda’s top to work on some baby stuff. I bought onesies over the weekend & embroidered them, so I figured I’d knock out a couple of hats & sockie sets so I have something for this little bugger to wear once it gets here. I’ve decided to do without most of the birth supplies I’d planned to order, only get stuff locally, so I won’t be ordering the cap and shirt set I’d planned to get with the supplies. But babies still tend to need clothes, so I want to have a first outfit ready.

I have 56 days left, but I gave birth a month early last time, and as I’ve got feet sticking up into my ribs already, I won’t be surprised to have the same happen again. So I’m starting to feel very nesty, and baby things are high up on my crochet list right now. Which means the more fun stuff is pushed aside.

I do have a new acquisition, however. When making Linda’s skirt, I was switching hook sizes to shape it. I realized I have a 3.75 mm hook, a 4mm hook, a 4.25 mm hook…and then a 5mm (H) hook. Acting on a hunch–the Crystal brand F hook is 4mm–I went to the local craft store, and sure enough Crystal has a 4.5mm hook, marked as G. So I now have this spiffy new 4.5mm bamboo hook. I do have hopes of eventually finding a 4.75mm hook, but I’m not gonna sweat it.

(I will give the source for the booties in the previous post as soon as I find the booklet. I don’t for the life of me remember the name right now, and I can’t find the booklet, but I can say I found it at Wal-Mart. The booties are part of a layette of cap, booties, sweater, & blanket; they’re on the front cover & there’s a bunting bag on the back cover if I remember right.)