Finally finished it all…

Got the hats & the sockies done & decided the outfit couldn’t possibly be complete without a pair of shorts as well. Getting that to come together took another couple of days, though the finished product & pattern were done in a relatively short amount of time today. I woke up, frogged what I’d been working on yesterday, and started completely anew, then finished it up.

Now, for the photo:

I never find out which sex the baby is ahead of time, thus the two hat/sockie sets. I thought about also making two pairs of shorts, but decided to keep things somewhat simple.

The onesie I bought at the BX & decorated. In case it’s hard to read, it says “freeborn”, which is an allusion to homebirth (actually, a bit more controversial than that, but I’m not gonna go into it here, since this is a blog about crochet). I used a 4mm hook for the sockies, a 4.5 mm hook for the hats, and a 4.25 mm hook for the shorts. All of which are labeled as G. Three different brands–4.5 mm is Crystal, 4 mm is Susan Bates, 4.25 mm is Boye.

There was a conscious effort made to keep these simple enough for a beginner. The only stitches used are HDC, SC, SlSt, & HDC decl. And chain stitch, of course. I’ll post the patterns on Crochetville shortly; I’m just not up to doing it right now.

The yarn of course is sport weight. The hat/sockie sets are Red Heart Soft Baby, the shorts are Red Heart Baby Econo. That’s a rougher yarn than I’d normally used, but there’s not spare yarn money right now, so I had to stick with what I have on hand.


One response to “Finally finished it all…

  1. Nice work!

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