Help for some of the Hurricane Victims

This is what I was talking about yesterday, and address we can send things to, for those of us who can’t really afford to send money. This is for 31 at-term pregnant women who were evacuated from Keesler AFB in Mississippi to Lackland AFB in San Antonio. They’re going to be there at least until they give birth. So they’ll be needing all the sorts of things we mamas needed immediately postpartum.

I wasn’t given any info on a specific person to send it to, so please mark whatever you send with who it’s for.


Lackland Family Support Center
2160 Kenly Dr Bldg 1249
Lackland AFB, TX 78236
(210) 671 – 3722 or (210) 671 – 2216

I’m sending onesies, crocheted hats & booties, that sort of thing. Whatever you needed postpartum, these mamas are going to need. If you can go through your closets & send along some newborn clothes even, that would be a big help. I know yesterday my mom mentioned they’d like to have recieving blankets.


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