New finished project.

First off, if anyone was planning to send stuff to Lackland, put a hold on it. I’m not sure what’s going on. My mother spoke with someone at the Family Support Center on Friday who said donations would be welcome…Someone on one of the sites I posted the info on said that she called & was told they had all the item donations they needed right now. So, something funny is going on. Either hand A doesn’t know what hand B is doing, and someone at Lackland is wrong about the status of donations (it’s entirely possible that they have what they need for adults but could still use donations for the babies-to-be) and they DON’T have enough, or someone else is wrong and they really ARE swamped…Or someone doesn’t want to deal with sorting donations…Or someone online is trying to make me look bad for an as-yet-unknown reason.

But until I know for sure what is going on, I cannot in good conscience ask anyone to send anything. I’ll get it straightened out as soon as possible, but I’ll tell you, if it turns out that whoever told my mother they needed things was wrong, I’m going to be highly pissed. Because that means that not only have I made an idiot out of myself several places online by asking for donations, it also means I spent money I can barely afford (as in, not really) on babies I thought were in need, and in the meantime put off buying stuff for my own baby yet another pay period.

On to happier stuff, though. I made a cute little girls’ set today with no pattern that turned out so well I have to share a picture of it.

The center of the hat is part of a pattern from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet (#41, in case you’re dying of curiosity). The sockies are my own pattern. Took some doing to figure out how to get the different colored toes and heels, but it wasn’t really too hard. Just a matter of figuring out how many rounds to use for the toe. The pattern is such that the heel portion is obvious (as in my other sockie pattern, it’s worked in rows instead of rounds). The whole thing just turned out so cute…

I’ve got another idea for a boy’s hat that I’ll get to work on shortly. Whether I wind up sending this stuff to Lackland or not is anyone’s guess at this point. But I’m pregnant, so at any rate I’ll get some use out of one set or the other!


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