Who knew…Zombie dolls keep away monsters.

Bobbie is at that age where things sometimes get scary. We’d had a nightlight in her room, but it’s burnt out and none of the others we have on hand work either. So she was flipping out in her room alone. I told her to come into the room with Linda and I for a few minutes and told Robert to go find her zombie doll. While he was off looking for it (last I saw of it, it was in the toy closet, which is our walk-in closet under the stairs that is about knee-deep in toys), I explained to her that he was going to go get her zombie doll, because zombie dolls keep away monsters. I told her to keep her zombie doll with her for protection.

And…it worked. Robert brought her zombie doll upstairs & told her the same thing I’d told her, then walked her back to her room. She cuddled up in bed with it and went right to sleep.

Talismans are a good thing at this age too.

I’m working on another doll already. I’ve got enough baby stuff to keep me happy, and I’m feeling rather over-babied, but I look on the dolls as little sculptures, and if the girls get use out of them, then so much the better. This fairy doll is going to be done 99% in purples. I’ve got most of the head done right now, and took a break after busting my butt trying to get the facial embroidery right. I finally have something I’m mostly happy with. Still not totally satisfied with the mouth especially, but it’s as good as I’m going to get right now. So I’m moving on. The eyes are dark blue & the mouth is pink, but the skin is purple and the hair will be a variegated purple/white yarn that I have, and the clothing (which I am making separate) will be purple as well. Not sure how I’m going to do the wings yet, but I’ve got the rest of it well in-hand. A good mental picture of it, at least.


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