I will not give in.

It’s disappointing in a way to go to crochet blogs and find lots of posts about knitting, and none about crochet. Worse than looking in the needlecraft section at Barnes & Noble and seeing 20,000 knitting books and maybe five crochet, four of which I already have and the fifth of which is afghans.

Not that there’s anything wrong with practicing more than one craft. But when I visit crochet blogs, I’m not looking to learn about anyone’s adventures in knitting. There are more than enough knitting blogs out there that, should the last of my current personality leak out in my breastmilk, I can read about knitting easily.

Sigh. I have some knitting needles laying around the house. I almost want to pick them up and practice again, but I will not give in. Knitting these days is like mold. Give it the slightest bit of air and it will cover up everything else & start to smell funny.

I’m about half done with Linda’s swirly skirt. Just being lazy about it is all. Thirty-seven weeks now, and the past two days I’ve had long naps during the afternoon. Four hours yesterday and two hours today (yeah, I know it’s technically Friday already, but as I haven’t been to bed yet my body still thinks its Thursday). I’d love to crochet up a storm, but right now my ability to sleep is so iffy that sleep takes precedence. Which means I’m spending time trying to fight Linda away from Bobbie’s outfit; she keeps grabbing it to put it on.

Well, Bobbie is sitting down here with me. She woke up and saw a monster, apparently, so I let her stay with me, since Linda is already in bed with Rob. She’s starting to demand we go to bed, so I’d best finish this off & go.


5 responses to “I will not give in.

  1. I feel the same, about the crochet 😦

  2. Fret not, we’re here! We crocheters who are happily hooked are here!!!

    Have you checked out Monster Crochet, The Crochet Dude, CrochetWithDee (hey! that’s me!) … they are out there! Contact me if you need help in locating some!

  3. It was actually looking at so much knitting stuff on the Crochet Dude’s blog last night that prompted the post, in no small part.

  4. I learned to knit a few months ago and now have a hard time picking up a hook. I would like to bring my knitting skill up to my crochet skill and then start making patterns with both.

  5. I can’t stand the combination knit/crochet books magazines because there are always more knit patterns.

    I’ve tried knitting. I don’t like it. I don’t like using two hooks,and I don’t like how much more difficult it is to tote a project around.

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