Linda’s Dance Outfit

OK, so she’s not as excited about it as her sister was, LOL. She just woke up from a nap and is more interested in her malassada than anything else.

Technical stuff–tried to make the waist in a similar fashion to the other one, but even with multiple buttonholes (so in theory it could be tightened/loosened), it wouldn’t fit properly. So I sewed up the open seam and did a round of sc, then a round of sc, ch-1/sk 1, sc, then another rount of sc, then chained a drawstring. There’s a reason I usually do drawstring waists; they’re so much easier to adjust. This is more baby-weight yarn. The waistband and top are done with a 4.5mm hook, the lace on the skirt with an I hook. The lace is a shell trellis pattern. This wasn’t as easy to increase as the webbed lace pattern on Cathie’s, so I wasn’t able to get a similar ruffled look. There is a small ruffle at the very bottom of three rounds of a plain trellis stitch.

Next project–if I can find it–is to finish up the cake I started so many months ago, then I’m going to indulge myself by making some motifs for no particular reason.


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