That’s how many scarf patterns I counted in the 2006 Crochet Pattern a Day calendar. I didn’t count anything else, but it’s obvious even without doing so that scarves are the most common pattern. (Dude, I almost typed “scarfs.” My brains leak out into my breastmilk, apparently.)

I’m making the girls Daisy Chain Ponchos from the BHG crochet magazine, for Christmas. I chose it because I knew they’d like it & it didn’t look too hot. Of course it doesn’t actually get cold in Honolulu, but sometimes we go in places where the a/c is up so high it gets pretty chilly. So I was thinking a nice openwork poncho would be handy.

Of course I couldn’t find the Lion Brand Jiffy yarn the pattern called for. The yarn selection is very thin around here. So I’ve substituted Red Heart Bright & Lofty. And these are going to be a lot warmer than I’d anticipated. Oh well. The girls will like them.

I’m still hoping to finish the afghan for Cathie, but I don’t think it’s realistically going to happen. So I’m concentrating right now on stuff I can finish. I’m making most of their gifts this year. Just the way the bank account crumbles. They’re still young enough to not care, thank God.


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