Linda’s Poncho

It’s actually much cuter in person. I swear. I made it with a bigger hook this time, & of course Linda is smaller, thus it only needs two rounds.

The color in this yarn–beach–is much more subtle in its changes. I actually like it a lot more than the other colorway. But Bobbie Catharine picked out her own yarn…

I bought enough yarn according to the pattern directions, but didn’t use nearly as much. I only used one skein (slightly less, actually) of beach and one and a half of bikini. So I’ve got two beach and one bikini completely untouched. I think they’ll be getting coordinating purses to go with their ponchos. Bobbie loves purses & of course Linda has to have everything Bobbie has…

But right now I’m going to move on to making Esther a caterpillar out of some Simply Soft Brights yarn I bought at the same time. There’s also a pattern for that in the magazine, but I cannot pretend I need to look at a pattern to make something that’s essentially a succession of balls crocheted together!


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