Something about Cabbage Patch Kids and Crochet…

They just seem to go together, don’t they? I just finished this for the girls for Christmas:
It’s a little CPK baby boy I bought off eBay (I have a couple of others I got at the same time). I’ve been taking way too long to make this outfit, but I think it turned out well. Since it’s a secondhand doll, it’s well-loved and so there are a couple of stains. So I had to make long pants and a long-sleeved shirt instead of a t-shirt and shorts as would have been my first impulse.

I’m glad I had to make this, though. It turned out so cute! I finished up the straps of the overalls this morning, and then buckled my butt down and got the shirt done in about an hour–longer if you count the time I had to stop to nurse Esther.

This is some baby yarn I had lying around unworked because, while it’s incredibly cute, it’s just too rough for a real baby. But it’s not too rough for a baby doll. My next project is a dress for a larger CPK doll, and I’ll be using up some pink yarn very similar to this blue, and more of the white too. If I have time before Christmas I’ll go back & make booties, but I just really wanted to get this done!

And on that note, I need to get away from my computer and go make breakfast. It’s half past eleven here, and I’m half-starved because I put off breakfast to make this. (Don’t worry about the girls, I always feed them first thing upon waking.)


One response to “Something about Cabbage Patch Kids and Crochet…

  1. It turned out great!

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