So I set Cerberus aside…

Cerberus is a pain in the neck. I’ve got the torso done, but I’m having problems with the heads. I can’t get even the first one to come together looking doglike enough. So I have put it aside for now. Here’s hoping it doesn’t disappear into the UFO ether…

And now, I introduce you to the Mystery Project, currently in progress:
What will this be? I’m not telling til it’s done, thus the Mystery Project thing. It’s not something I’ve ever done before. I’m using Simply Soft yarn, a 4.25mm hook, and a repeat of (4 sc, ch 2, sk 2 sts, 4 sc). I have plans on weaving something–not sure what just yet–through those chain spaces.

I set to work on my poor model. Annabel. Don’t know if you remember her from prior entries (most recently, my blog about the lei I made my daughters for Christmas) . Annabel (named for the poem by Edgar Allan Poe) is older than I by quite a bit; she’s in her 30s or 40s. I don’t offhand remember quite the type of doll she is, but I’ve looked for her on eBay, and, well, I just cannot afford another copy. They start at roughly $100, and that’s for ones in worse condition. Not that I’m going to sell her. I need to quit blogging when I’m falling asleep; I talk too much. Anyway, I promised last time she made an appearance that I was going to dress her, and I have. I’ve even made some small progress–through liberal use of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, & even a Clorox bleach pen–in removing the crayon from her face. I’m at a loss as to where to go from here in regards to that, but I thought I should show a picture of Annabel in much better condition. The dress she’s wearing is one both my older daughters have worn in the past, so I’m rather attached to it. My favorite thing about this doll is that she wears “real” baby clothes. I used to go to the thrift store as a kid for the express purpose of buying her baby clothes. I am a nutcase.

One last gratuitous photograph:
Esther is becoming more interactive. She is slightly over two months old now. What that means is that she’s now sometimes awake without either wailing like she’s being killed or nursing.

I took this photo of her and one of her Christmas gifts this afternoon. This is pretty much as close as she comes to playing with toys right now. I wrap her hands around them and she tries to eat them. It’s a lovely symbiosis.

This toy exhibits several design aspects I consider very important for baby toys. First off–there’s really nothing that could come off. The face is embroidered on & tied securely on the inside. The antennae are likewise tied tightly and attached in a couple different ways. The yarn is soft to the touch (Simply Soft Brites, and why do they feel the need to misspell ‘bright’?). There are places even the smallest baby can grab ‘hold. It is also loosely stuffed, which makes it nice and squishy and is another way to make it easy to grab. The only problem with this piece in particular is I was in a rush so I used a larger hook than I should have; there’s a bit of stuffing coming out the worm’s butt. That’s not a big issue at this point in time, however.


2 responses to “So I set Cerberus aside…

  1. Adorable shawl. I acquired a similar doll when I was 16. I promptly named her Emily, after a David Bowie song before the name became so dreadfully popular. Have you tried a Mr.Clean eraser on her face? I’ve heard that some people have had success with it.

  2. I vote for the Mr. Clean eraser too.. it works wonders!

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