Ooh, I have an excuse to make hats.

Mindi from Mama Drama had twin girls earlier this year. Eleanore has a few medical problems and so has difficulty regulating her temperature. So Mindi put out the call for hats. It’s pretty cool actually. She offered to pay for them, but everyone is giving her hats. Stuff like that makes me feel pretty good about mankind. I finally got Mindi’s address yesterday, so I’m spending from now until next payday making stuff to send her. I’ll take any excuse to make baby hats. I love baby hats, but it’s too warm here for Esther to have a hat on. It’s cold where Mindi is, so her babies would need hats no matter what. And since there’s not only Eleanore but also Clara (and don’t you just love those names?), I have an excuse to make twice as many hats.

I figure I can make about a hat a day. What fun. I’ve seen the twins in both matching stuff and coordinating stuff. So I think I will make them coordinating things. Same color, different styles, and vice versa. I started a hat yesterday but it was coming out odd-looking, so I frogged it and didn’t get a chance to start back on it until today. But I was able to get the whole thing done today. I am so proud of myself. Eleanore’s head is 16.5″, and Annabel’s head is the same measurement, so I have an easy model. And so:
I used Wool-Ease yarn and a 4mm hook. I don’t like working with wool. I’m allergic to it. But I had to find somethingto do with the yarn. I’ve had it in my stash for ages. So…warm baby hat seems perfect. The main stitch is HDC, but the popcorns use DCs and there last row before the trim is SC.

I crocheted most of this while watching The Book of Daniel. For anyone who saw that, they freaking nailed Episcopalianism. We’re not all stoned or drunk or messing around, but the…the irreverence of it was just wonderful. We tend not to take ourselves too seriously. I’m hoping someone will be talking about it at church on Sunday. I’d love to get the vicar’s impression of it…I was rather afraid of how it’d present my denomination, since the pill-popping was obvious from the previews, & then USA Today mentioned most of the other problems, but it’s pretty respectful. I mean, by Hollywood standards.
Ah well, this blog is crochet, not Christianity. But it’s been literally years since I came across a TV show I care enough about that I think I’ll be making an effort to actually be home when it’s on so I can watch it.


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