I rather like the way this turned out.

Another hat for Eleanore. Worked in Tunisian knit stitch using an M hook (yep, Annie’s Attic Easy Tunisian; as if there’s a difficult Tunisian out there somewhere) and Autumn Red Caron’s Simply Soft. This is my favorite color of my favorite yarn.

The construction of this hat was amazingly simple. It is just a rectangle of TKS, top slst’ed to the bottom to make a tube, a scalloped edging done with a K hook at the bottom of the tube, then the top of it gathered til closed & tied. It’s quite stretchy and very pretty. Looks so much more difficult than it really was.

I’m going to make one for Clara the same way, but using a deep purple yarn instead of the deep red. And if I have time, after that I’m going to make matching 1 Hour Baby Sweaters. I’ve actually made the sweater before, so perhaps this time it’ll go faster.

I love any excuse to make baby stuff. I hope to get an online in-stock store up this year, so I can sell some of my own designs, and perhaps even my own patterns. We shall see. I’m determined to find a way to become a work-at-home mom instead of merely a stay-at-home one.


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