Further proof my hubby loves me:

This is one of my yarn closets:
(Sorry about the strangeness of that first shot; I had to stand about 3 steps down on the staircase to get the whole length in.)

You will see I have a large complement of yarn. Also, that second shelf is crammed full of crochet books and magazines, and there are others floating around the house and one more on the way from Amazon.com.

This is not the only stash of yarn I’ve got. This is the other:
The second stash area is half of the top two shelves in the large closet across the hall from the small closet which is completely stuffed full of yarn and other crochet paraphernalia. You’ll note that the plastic bags in the photos are filled with yarn and FOs and UFOs alike.

What this all has to do with my husband is this:
What this is, is the twenty skeins of yarn Robert bought me this afternoon. Ten of them are my absolute favorite yarn of all time Caron Simply Soft. The rest is Bernat Softee Baby & Red Heart Baby Soft.

This is upwards of a hundred dollars worth of yarn. Have I mentioned lately how I love our government’s income redistribution program? (Commonly known as tax return season.) What a wonderful country, where you can pay slightly over a thousand dollars in taxes and have nearly six thousand returned to you. I am a Libertarian at heart, though, so all I can say is that I hope to one day be in a tax bracket high enough that I’m the one the government is taking money from…

Anyhoo, that’s really not my point here. My point is that I love yarn. I have yarn scattered around the house. If I look under my monitor, I see a ball of yarn. If I look on top of the file cabinet by the stairs, I see 3 balls of yarn. If I look to the left of my monitor, there’s a ball of yarn. On the coffee table are two skeins of yarn. On the dining room table there are several skeins. More are in my yarn tote in the kitchen. There are even two skeins out on the back lanai (don’t ask).

I really need to start crocheting…!

Mystery Project Update

I have finished the first draft of my mystery project, and let’s just say there are even more issues with it than I expected. There are some design quirks…I thought it was all done, but when trying to take a picture of it completed there was no way to get one that wasn’t R-rated. So, back to the drawing board…


4 responses to “Further proof my hubby loves me:

  1. WOW!!!look at your Stash!!!!!Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!!!I don’t have a stash coz we don’t get good yarns here.But I loved looking at your stash.

  2. Me too i love looking at your yarn stash and i love reading about it. you’re lucky cause i don’t have that assortment of yarns here.

  3. I thought I was only one afflicted with this illness until coming to Crochetville…now I feel so completely Normal? I’ve never met a yarn I didn’t like. And yet as I take a break from the pile I’m working on in the living room to leave you a note I’m contemplating hitting Hobby Lobby on my way to work today….did someone say SALE OMG

    Stop in for a visit and see what I’ve been up to.


  4. Excellent, love it!
    » » »

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