Really, really belated.

I did actually finish the girls’ Halloween costumes last year. In fact, this is how hard-core I am: I finished up Linda’s while in active labor. (Not really bragging, I’m sure it’s more evidence of how obsessive I am than anything else!)

But I didn’t get to take them trick-or-treating because, well, I was sort of in the hospital after having given birth that day! I swear to you, though, that I was trying to get them to let me out of the hospital early so I could take them. Without, you know, actually saying “I know I had a baby eightteen hours ago, but I really want to go to the mall now.”

I haven’t posted the photos here before because I didn’t have any good ones. They wore their costumes to the hospital on Halloween, and I do have photos of that, but nothing that really shows them off. But I’m rather proud of the designing that went into them, so I’ve been meaning to get better photos to post here. And I just did:

The ears were made by crocheting around purchased headbands and then attaching ears that were made over wire frames. Bobbie’s skirt (the black one) was one I’d made her some time ago; I just crocheted the tail onto it. Linda’s I made specifically for the costume. You can, unfortunately, tell that I was in quite a bit of pain as I was making her tail; it’s kind of ratty looking. I think I overstuffed it. You can see a lot more of the stuffing in it than in Bobbie’s. Still, though, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

And my stash…Most of that yarn came from Wal-Mart. By & large it’s the cheap stuff. The 20 skeins we bought the other day cost no more than $3.84 apiece, and are much cheaper on the Mainland. (The Simply Soft I used to p ay $1.88 a skein for in Virginia; here it costs about a dollar more.) The few specialty yarns I have I bought at a 50% off sale at AC Moore, for the most part. I have paid full-price for almost none of my specialty yarns; I just can’t afford to.

Oh, & I just thought of another place I have yarn…on the counter in my half-bathroom upstairs in my bedroom…I’m horribly forgetful. I’ve got a lot of stuff just waiting for the perfect project. Another reason I tend to make baby stuff is because I can only buy a skein or two of yarn at a time & I need a project that takes only that much.

Before I forget: I have the pattern for the overalls & long-sleeved shirt I made for one of the ‘rescued’ Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas up on Crochetville. You can see it here.


One response to “Really, really belated.

  1. Too cute! OMG, you sound like me…I had a baby and resumed work and school the following week. People thought I’d lost my mind!

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