In love with Leisure Arts…

I love Leisure Arts. Really I do. I especially love their relatively large books. Like In Love with Crochet, which I ordered from Amazon and which just arrived today.

This is unapologetically hokey stuff. It starts off with eight afghan patterns and segues right into four doilies. There are dishcloths. Fridgies. A filet crochet picture frame. And then there’s my favorite: Quick Birthday Fairies. I used to have this book, you see, but it got lost somewhere along the way in one of our many moves. I have been tearing my hair out for a while now trying to find this particular pattern, as I wanted to make it for my older daughter back when she was an only (and she’s turning four in a month, so that gives you an idea of how long it’s been!). I knew I had it somewhere, but I didn’t know where, and of course I couldn’t find it because the book was lost. But now I have it again! So I am very happy to have ordered this book so I’d qualify for free shipping!

Sigh. I am such a happy little crochet nerd tonight…


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