Daily Archives: 3 February, 2006

Neat find at Wal-Mart:

Saw this at Wal-Mart this evening. A pretty little toddler aloha dress with crochet trim. Ten-fifty is the price. A good price, but I can’t bring myself to buy it when I can make it myself. But I couldn’t resist taking a photo so I could show it online. Crochet really is starting to be everywhere!

Needless to say, from there we went right over to the craft section where I picked up some aloha fabric of my own (and if you want to be totally correct, btw, you’ll stop calling them Hawaiian shirts & start calling them aloha shirts) and a cone of Sugar & Cream so I can make my own version.

This goes to prove, once again, my theory that crochet is very, very Hawaiian. You can’t really tell from the picture (I took it pretty quick, since it looks strange to be photographing merchandise), but the bodice is a simple shell pattern.

My own version will be much plainer than this. My crochet skills are up to it, not so much my sewing skills. I may just go back and buy these some day soon. They’re that cute. (And I’m not quite easy with the ethics of photographing something & then making my own version, but it’s not like I intend to sell them or anything.)