And today’s question is…

Do I make what potential customers have said they want to see, and hope they actually buy it (keeping in mind they were all excited about the prospect of what I am making before I made it)? Or do I keep making what I want to make and hope I find a buyer?

This isn’t an easy question.

I got set up at HyenaCart. BellaLinda Designs there too, of course. And I’ve gotten a few very nice comments. Not that comments count for anything, ’cause of course you don’t make money off of them. I never expected to get rich off this, of course, but I did have the fond dream that my crochet habit would eventually become self-sustaining and I’d be able to create without amassing a huge number of things that would go unused.

Let me tell you this story to further illustrate my conundrum:

One of the feedback comments went something like this: “…since it is the dead of Winter for many of us, crocheted halter tops just aren’t on our minds as we battle the heating bills.” Valid feedback of course. And yet…And yet, a halter top is the only thing I have sold! Oy. Sadly, I am very easily discouraged, and am tempted to shutter my MomsWhoThink store altogether. I know I also battle familiarity there. I’ve been on that site as long as that site has existed, very nearly six years now. It’s about like selling to your family.

It’s frustrating. One of the projects of which I am most proud, the Lemon Lovely Dress, got this comment: “The Lemon Lovely yellow color is awesome. I would match it, though, not with a common blue, but an orange and pink.” Oy. Blue is common, yes, but dark blue and bright yellow are nota common combination, especially for infants.

I know this could devolve into too many cooks spoiling the brew, of course. I suppose the only answer is to expand my line to incorporate the few of the suggested items I actually want to make. We’re off to Wal-Mart later on for inspiration and measurement info for larger sizes (sewing patterns…)


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