A commission

I have a commission from a lady at Mama Drama to make her daughter a halter top. She was contemplating buying the Berry Halter outright, but her kid is just a little too big for it, so she opted for a custom design. So I’m making for her the ZigZag Halter, but in the colors (purple & blue) from the Berry Halter. Totally cool. I’m really looking forward to it. I have the top part finished already, & I’ll start on the bottom tomorrow. I told her I’d need a week to do it, but I think I’ll be finished much more quickly. Which is good. Underpromise & overdeliver. I am trying to make that my mantra, as far as business is concerned. I added in a little purse with the ZigZag Halter when I sold it. I don’t think I’ll do that every time, but sometimes it’s good.

I have to do some math to figure out exactly how many stitches I need for the bottom part. I’m thinking an extra six, as it takes six to make a half of the zigzag pattern, but maybe it’s an extra 12. The pattern I base mine off of I think is a 12-st repeat. But that’s flat, and I work these in the round. That makes it a wee bit more difficult.

See, kids, you really willuse math in real life. It’s actually algebra, sort of. How many stitches do I need to have my pattern come out perfect? It’s kinda hard with ripple stitches, because they’re a two-part deal. Down, and then up. (The way I work, anyhow. I don’t know why I start that way.) You have to start with one and make sure you finish up with the other, so it’s a complete unit all the way around.

I love the way ripples look, but I find them fiendishly hard to do.

One of these days I’ll do a zigzag two-rectangle poncho in Fun Fur and combine all the banes of my crochet existence into one…


One response to “A commission

  1. Congrats on the commission halter, I bet it’ll turn out great. Love your work! -Pam

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