Pretty necklace.

Isn’t she cute?

I bought Crochet from the Heart a couple of weeks ago. There’s not a whole lot in there I’ll be making, but I got the idea for this from there. I was originally going to follow the actual pattern, but the pattern in the book is for an adult’s necklace and really do you need a pattern for a rectangle?

That’s really all the base of this choker is. I crocheted five rows of SCs just slightly longer than necessary to wrap around her neck, and used a couple of ch spaces to make a button hole. The flower is a spiral similar to the one in the book, with several DCs in each ch and then wrestled into the general appearance of a flower and sewn into place.

As usual, I used Caron Simply Soft. I think a 4.5 mm hook, but I really don’t remember.

She loves it, she really does. I’m not letting her just play with it though. I told her she can wear it to church next week.

My girls love modeling crochet things for me, as I think I said. I still wanted to get a good picture of the poncho being worn, so today I decided to give it another shot, but with Linda instead of Cathie doing the honors. I did get some good advice about dressing the girls for these photos, and followed it with Linda:
I love her expression in this photo. I have no idea what brought it on. She’s good, she really is. I told her I wanted her to be a model for me and she ran and grabbed the poncho right away. She’s smart too.

I’ve not made any more progress on the little suit I want to make, but I have had another indication of interest for a custom job. Another halter top, which just amuses me to no end. She doesn’t want acrylic yarn, though, so I am trying to find something else to suit her. She said initially she’s kind of wary of cotton yarn, but I have some nice Peaches & Cream yarn that I think I can change her mind with. I crocheted a sample swatch and scanned it in and I’ll send it to her tomorrow. I am planning on charging the exact cost of the yarn plus $12, excluding shipping. Seems fair, anyway.

I’m going to put more effort into making halter tops, as they have sparked the most interest. But I still want to make some good baby stuff too.

Another thing I did was spiff up and resize some of the photos of my projects that I’ve freehanded and posted them in a projects gallery in my MWT store. You can see it by clicking here. I have over thirty things, which kind of surprised me when I counted. I’m a lot more prolific than I realized. It’s not everything I’ve done, either, only the nicest stuff. I’m in hopes it will get me more commissions.

The same lady who asked about a halter top also asked about the fairy dolls. But I need to find them before I can answer her questions! So I have a full plate once again, it seems. And many ideas floating around in my head.


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  1. So CUTE!!!

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