I let the girls pick out the yarn for their Easter skirts yesterday. I’ve decided it will be much more doable to just make skirts than to try & whip up two dresses inside of a week (Esther actually has an Easter dress I purchased a couple of months ago, before I decided to make the girls outfits, but I’ll be crocheting her a cap). I am about 3/4 of the way through with Linda’s, which means I should have no trouble at all completing Bobbie Catharine’s as well. I’m doing Linda’s in WW yarn, in the hot pink CSS Brites she picked out, solid DCs until about three or so inches above her knees, then I’ll segue into a lacy ruffle to get to her knees. Bobbie’s will be done in the same manner, in the Victorian Rose CSS she picked out (I showed them both about six colors to choose from). If I finish the skirts in time, I’ll go back and make hats for them to wear too.


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