Holy Moses!

So, back in January one of those college students selling magazines came around to our door & I got sucked in to subscribing to a crochet magazine. Quick and Easy Crochet, which I’d never heard of before, nor seen. Yeah, I know, pretty dumb.

Well, I was starting to think I was going to have to track these people down, ’cause it’s been four months. But I got my first issue of the magazine in the mail Monday. It’s great! I mean, it’s not perfect, but it’s a lot more my style than anything else I’ve come across.

The most amazing thing of all?


Dude, is that even legal?

With the total dearth of eyelash yarn, I’ll even forgive this being on the cover:
Poor child, doesn’t she (he?) look just…dumbfounded? Like Mommy, why are you doing this to me?

I’m telling you, if I put Esther in a get-up like that, she’d gum my jugular out.

Actually, I think the sweater might be doable, just not in that yarn. Hmm, Red Heart Hunny bulky weight yarn. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before.

The hat, though…That’s just wrong.

When I checked the mail, the magazine was buried under a bunch of junk mail, & originally I took it to be another Mary Maxim catalogue. This was my first glimpse of it:
Well, not that exactly. Because, like I said, it was under a bunch of other stuff. I saw it and thought immediately how cute it was, and then saw that it came with directions.

Now, blessed as I am in the milk-making department, there’s no way I could actually wear that top, which not only is strapless but leaves much of the back bare. And I hate shrugs. But the skirt appealed to me, so my immediate thought was “Wow, I bet I can figure out how to make that from the picture.” Then I saw the notation that directions begin on page 27. So I was all happy thinking I had a catalogue with a couple of patterns included. I was ecstatic when I realized it was a magazine.

And I’m only getting happier about it, ’cause like I said I actually like nearly everything in there–even the stuff I won’t make, I can appreciate–and I have a subscription. Doing my happy dance.

This outfit, by the way, uses Paton’s Grace yarn & an I hook. Nice yarn, though not cheap. At least it’s not an F hook like so many are.

Here’s another one:
Cute, no? I don’t see myself making it, because it’s a thread project and those just take too long for me (especially with a D hook!). It’s very pretty, though, and would be a lot more appropriate for this area than many of the coverups I see people wandering around Ala Moana Shopping Center in.

There are twenty-five patterns in total (counting the seperate pieces of the outfits as their own pattern). Twelve of them are for clothing (discounting accessories like belts and hats, but counting shawls & the lone shrug). There is the requisite doily, of course, and a “Christmas Year Round” lapghan. There is also a fashion doll “butterfly” outfit, with wings, which is appropriate with the current Fairytopia Barbie craze. (It’s not made with thin thread either, but Aunt Lydia’s Quick Crochet worsted weight thread & the same brand’s microfiber sportweight.) Very cute. The whole thing takes up one entire page, no more. Très cool, and something I might actually make for my girls once I’m done with my current project. (My knit theory died a swift death; it just takes too long!)

I’m not sure how long I am subscribed for, though…There seem to be only five issues in a year…Wait, I finally found a website for the magazine! It’s bimonthly. I have the May/June issue. So I should get one in, what, July? Too cool. I can even buy cat jewelry from the website, should I so desire!


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