Monthly Archives: August 2006


We are outta here on the 22nd or 23rd of this month (Robert kisses the Navy goodbye at 1400 on the 22nd, but we haven’t gotten our flight times yet, so there’s a possibility we won’t leave until the 23rd). Our household goods are being packed the 21st & 22nd, so I have to have the computer stowed for travel by the 20th. The representative at household goods said that our stuff will take 48 days to get to San Antonio, & that means that shortly there will be a long space between updates.

Moreover, it means that right now I’m packing. We’ve been here about 18 months, which has led to quite a bit of yarn accumulation. I have a fairly large box packed already, and have only cleaned out the bottom part of one closet. And I’m not taking everything, either. There is some stuff I have tossed.

Packing is an adventure. I am coming across finished objects done with varying levels of skill, and plenty of WIPs. I have packed a disembodied pair of legs, two heads, and several squares that are all the same and quite obviously meant to become something, but I am not quite sure what. Obviously, I would greatly benefit from having taped or pinned a note to my WIPs as I set them aside, listing what the heck I was making & with what hook. It’s kind of sad that I had to toss some things because I simply could not make sense of them.

I am also having fun trying to figure out what is good for long-term storage, what I will mail home in advance, and what I will carry with me on the plane. I need to have a small stash on-hand once I get to San Antonio. Though the severance pay is nice, and Rob will be able to collect unemployment, he doesn’t yet have a job and so prudence dictates that I not enhance my stash too much while waiting for household goods. So I’ll need to have something there with me.

Being home means we’ll be geting Esther baptized, and that means I’ll need to make her dress. I came across a size 12 months petticoat (at least, I suppose that’s what it technically is; it looks like a dress made out of tulle–though not $200 tulle, LOL–with a full skirt). I’ll use that as a base for her dress, & I’ve decided to make a very nontraditional one, moreso even than the ones I made for her sisters. I’m going to make it out of a dark blue pompadour yarn that I have on hand, and I’m thinking a classic pineapple for the skirt, but I just don’t know yet.

See, I cannot stop planning new projects, even two weeks from moving 4,000 miles!