Daily Archives: 20 September, 2006

Yarn Haul

In the past two weeks, I’ve bought 20 skeins of TLC Cotton Plus yarn for $20. Total. That’s a buck a skein, for those slow in math.

Where did I come across this bounty? Texas Thrift & Dollar Stores. So anyone who reads this who happens to be in the San Antonio area, it’s worth a trip if you really like red, green, or yellow. Those being the 3 colors they have. I have only red & green. And no, I’m not making a Christmas afghan. I’m making this:
This, of course, is the Citrine Skirt from the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet. Designed by Annie Modesitt, who of course has some great designs for someone who identifies herself as a knitter.

I of course, am not making the skirt in the yarn called for, and therefore it will be single-colored & not striped. I’m probably violating the entire purpose of the pattern by not using that particular yarn, but oh well. I don’t like orange (it’s one of those colors I seriously think no one looks good in, though I’ve been told I do), and I don’t like stripes.

What I do like is that this pattern actually comes in my size. I am making the biggest size, since the pattern says it’s to sit low on the waist. I’m very appreciative of the fact that it comes in my size, as so few crochet patterns do (I wear a 16/18, which is an XL or 2X depending on the brand). I am even more appreciative of the fact that it comes in a variety of lengths. Though I do like long skirts–and am, in fact, making mine to be about ankle length–I am nevertheless quite short, so ankle length on your “average” woman (I put that in quotes because I am 5’5″, which is exactly average height for a woman, but all clothes seem to be designed for gals taller than I) is tripping-length for me.

While I am on my list of things I like about the pattern–there is a diagram in the magazine for the bottom part of it, which is kind of confusing.

Still, either there is something wonky in the supply list, or I crochet even more tightly than I thought. The yarn is listed as being #2/Fine & the hook a 3.75mm/F. I am using the Cotton Plus, which the label says is worsted weight (though looking at it I’d guess it’s sport weight) and still need a G/4.25 mm hook to obtain the stated gauge. I started with the 3.75mm and then moved up to 4mm before settling on the 4.25mm.

Not that it’s really a problem, though. Just an observation. So wish me luck, as I don’t tend towards complicated, adult-sized projects often.