Bobbie’s Sweater

I actually finished this about a month ago, but haven’t had a chance to post photos for it yet. So here ya go:
Cute, eh? The stripe pattern is modified from one of Candi Jensen’s, but other than that it’s 100% original work.

I had originally intended to make her sleeves in the same stitch pattern as the body of the sweater, but it was taking far too long, so I frogged it in the interest of time. (And yes! it gets cold enough in Texas to need a sweater like this. Geez, people!) I did the sleeves and collar in two days and rushed the collar through right before going to work so she could wear it that day.

But I didn’t like the collar, so the very next day I frogged it & replaced it with this:

It’s now almost a turtleneck. Two rows of HDC (one to establish the neckline, one to decrease its size some) and then several rows of a rib stitch comprised of 1FPDC followed by 1BPDC. Smaller hook too. She can wear it without a shirt under it now without worrying about it falling off one shoulder.

I got the usual comments about “working up the courage” to crochet a sweater when I showed this off at MamaDrama, so my current project is to make a tutorial on sweater-making while making a sweater for Linda. So look for that within the next few weeks. It’s really ridiculously easy to make a sweater.

Oh, before I forget, the specifics:
yarn~ Caron’s Simply Soft
hook~ H for the body & sleeves, F for the collar


One response to “Bobbie’s Sweater

  1. No se si entenderas español, pero te escribo desde Argentina, la verdad, me encanto la idea del arbol repleto de cositas tejidas!!!
    Mucha suerte

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