Hooks & Hats

This is my new rosewood crochet hook. My cousin Maggie & I went to the Yarn Barn Tuesday. Yarn Barn seems to be the closest thing to an LYS we have in this city. We seriously need a real LOCAL yarn store. Many apologies to the elderly ladies at the Yarn Barn. But I’m trying to make an effor to shop locally, so one chain store is as good as another.

Their selection of crochet hooks was pathetically small. Aside from some bone and abalone hooks up by the register, these rosewood hooks were the only ones I couldn’t have found just as easily at Wal-Mart or Michaels. There were beaucoup knitting needles that were different from the typical stuff, but there was only one rotating rack of hooks. Pathetic.

It was only $8, though. I started out trying to make a hat with it, but it was splitting the fibers too much. I will try again, just not with something I’m trying to make quickly.

Hats…Someone on MotheringdotCommune mentioned that she was doing “40 hats in 40 days” for Lent. Sounds like a great idea, so I’m stealing it. Well, copying. I’m Protestant, so we’re less about giving stuff up than we are about taking stuff on. It’s my biggest charity project to date. I hope to find a local hospital for them to go to, but I’ll mail them somewhere if necessary.


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