I’ve still got it!

The ODD MOJO has returned. Maybe it’s Fiesta that brings it out in me. I finally got another strange project completed (conceived & completed all in one day, yay me!). Presenting, the Choomp Ninja:
Robert named it thus; ‘choomp’ is our term for breastmilk (don’t ask me why; I was still delirious from my first c-section when I coined it) and ‘choomp ninja’ is his nickname for Linda–the darling in the graphic at the top of this page. She has a habit of appearing out of nowhere and latching on.

Nevertheless, I have given this Choomp Ninja to Esther, and Linda and Bobbie have demanded their own, one red & one yellow. I’m not too sure about the yellow, it’s not a very ninja-y color.

In future iterations I think I will make the legs in the same fashion as the arms, as they have a quite ninja-appropriate swirlyness to them. I really wanted to get this done in one sitting, so I decided to make limbs that wouldn’t require stuffing.

The specs: this ninja was made with a 4.5mm hook (Clover’s SofTouch, which I adore) using TLC essentials for the body & Caron Perfect Match for the face.

I’m really impressed with the newer Caron Perfect Match. I have some I bought years ago when we were living in Virginia & it’s quite stiff. I bought enough back then to make an afghan with it–why the hell did I ever think I’d make an afghan? Anyhoo, the newer Caron Perfect Match, which I bought to make a head with, is much softer to the touch & more supple. It gives the very distinct impression that with a couple of washes it will become incredibly soft. (I have learned the value of repeated washes; it is only after about three years that my 450-thread-count sheets have earned their cost; they are now the most luxurious sheets imaginable.)

A note on the inspiration for this piece. I have StumbleUpon, an absolute must for anyone with Firefox, as I have said before. Of course one of my categories is arts & crafts, and it brought me to the Wee Ninja (Pocket Ninja) from Shawnimals.com. So if you or anyone you hold dear desires your own tiny ninja, look not to me but here instead. (And please note that my ninja is not meant to be ripoff or an exact copy of the Pocket Ninja; I was shown the photograph only in my Stumbling & used it as a jump-off point.)


One response to “I’ve still got it!

  1. Now I’ve never made a breastmilk ninja with Perfect Match, but I can tell you I too have been pleased with it for other projects.. I so love the pic on your blog! It reminds me of when my babes were younger( the oldest is 26 now)…I use to sit and crochet and nurse just like that… I mean what else was there to do at 3 in the morning?????
    …Hope you have a fine day…all day long!

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