An interesting stitch

I know, that’s rather large. I wanted to attempt to show the detail, though. They say that the devil is in the details, but I rather think that in this case Heaven is in the details.

This handy-dandy little stitch is linked treble crochet. It’s a nice, tall stitch without the openness typical of treble crochet. I also find it easier, though slower, as you don’t wrap the yarn around the hook twice. Instead you draw a loop up in two different places on the side of the previous stitch, and it leaves the pretty horizontal bars you can see in the picture above. (At least, I hope you can see them. It wasn’t an easy picture to take. Too dark without the flash, too shiny with it.)

This is detail for the skirt I am making for Linda, as the last one I tried to make her came out too small. I am used to the weight of the yarn stretching the skirt out quite a bit; apparently that’s not an issue if you use the chainless single crochet (Google it. You’ll be glad you did.) The linked trebles actually aren’t great for projects worked in the round, since there’s a gap only between the first & last stitches, but I’m hoping it won’t be noticeable when it’s worn. It’s such a pretty stitch, though, and it makes nice big stripes.

If you’ll look on the left side of the screen, you’ll see that I finally figured out how to have buttons for all the blogs I link to in this new version of Blogger (stupid me didn’t think to check the format of the carried-over ones until just now). You’ll also see a partially cut-off bar for Associated Content, which will shortly have a crochet article I wrote, and even now carries two other of my articles. Pretty cool, huh?


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