Blue dress for Esther.

This is based off of the Baby Girl Sleeper Set from Crotiques. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’d avoided the pattern, though I found it cute, because there’s not a gauge listed anywhere on it. I figured out while we were still in Hawaii that if I used a bigger hook along with worsted weight yarn, I can make Esther-sized dresses.

This particular incarnation uses Caron Perfect Match (you thought I was gonna say Simply Soft, didn’t you?) and a J/6mm hook. I also used Alternate Double Crochet as the base for all my stitches, a V-st instead of 3-dc for the corners, and at the end of it all switched to treble crochet for the final shells. Other than that, I stayed pretty close to the original pattern, though of course Ilengthened it quite a bit to have a knee-length dress.

The cheap yarn makes it a bit stiff, but it’s not uncomfortable & I truly believe it’ll soften up quite a bit after washing.

Since the hook is so big for the yarn, and since the stitch pattern for the skirt is quite open, this is appropriate for spring/summer wear. I’m always kind of stymied by people saying that yarn arts are a winter time craft. I mean, they’re so obviously not, but how do you refute such an obviously untrue statement when the person saying it deeply believes it? Interestingly enough, this was most recently said to me in a thread of FOs that featured two different non-clothing objects. ‘Cause, yeah, when it gets really hot out there, you have to switch to a different purse or you’ll be overheated.


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