KnitPro is “a web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint, and cross-stitch patterns.” You’re given a .PDF of your chart. Near as I can figure, they are 100% free, but there is a PayPal donate button, so if you can & you like it as much as I do, share the love.

Link here. I’m adding a link to my sidebar as well. Check it out.

This is the chart I made there (well, a screen shot, as I’m too stupid to upload actual files):
I made a chart of the International Breastfeeding Symbol developed through a contest at In all honesty I’m not fond of the design It looks too much like a mother simply holding a baby. But as it was chosen by popular vote, I am obviously in the minority for wanting my breastfeeding symbol to look like breastfeeding!

I’m seriously going to crochet this, I’m just not sure when or what I’ll do with the finished project. Maybe a mini-advocacy afghan, if I pair it with the runners-up. (I have some of them saved on my computer somewhere.

OK, just because I can, here’s the one that was my favorite:
See, this one is much nicer, in my opinion. Not only does it have greater aesthetic appeal, it is obvious at a glance what it’s supposed to represent. There you have mother, baby, and breast.

Maybe it’s too white…


2 responses to “KnitPro

  1. I don’t remember off the top of my head which one I voted for, but I also thought that symbol wasn’t showing as much “breastfeeding” as I wanted it to show so I didn’t vote for it.

  2. weird

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