Instant Gratification #2–Esther’s Going to be so Happy

I made this a couple of nights ago & hid it in my closet until I could get batteries for my camera to take pictures.

It’s obviously just a simple Barbie outfit. I like this type of Barbie because of the feet, which are natural looking. But that has nothing to do with crochet, so now I’ll talk about the clothes.

The skirt…No clue what the yarn is. Some sort of cotton that was given to my mother & then to me. It’s 20 stitches long, 8 hdcs followed by 12 dcs, which gave it the shaping; it’s obviously worked sideways.

The shirt is a version of what I belive to be called “The Simplest Sweater in the World” or something of the sort. I cannot find the link to it right now, which is upsetting as I seriously want to give credit where it is due. It’s the only truly one-piece sweater pattern I know of, and as is obvious from this picture it is adaptable to any size. I’ll keep looking and give the sweater its own post–which it well deserves–as soon as I find it.

To let you know how much I love this sweater pattern, I am making a shirt for my eldest based off of it.

The reasoning behind this project, by the way, was simply to see what I could come up with in only about two hours’ time. Usually I take a very long time to make anything, because I constantly frog it and start over. I am proud to say that I only frogged each of these pieces once. I undoubtedly would have messed around more without the self-imposed deadline. I’m going to do this more often, as the very pretty Flanders Poppy from my Memorial Day entry was also a spur-of-the-moment creation.

Overthinking is bad.


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