Daily Archives: 21 July, 2007

Here we go again…

However, i think knitting is more versatile – there is so much more you can do with shaping, the type of fabric you’re creating, designs in the knitting fabric, etc. Each stitch just seems to afford more detail than crochet to me, and crochet is often a very thick fabric, whereas knitting is thinner and therefore more versatile.

Grr. It’s a good thing you cannot use the magic of the internet to bitchslap people, or my hands would hurt.

I’ve seen this argument put forth in many different forms lately, and it doesn’t get any more accurate with the repetition.

I recall another thread on the same site (MotheringDotCommune) wherein a lady said she wanted to crochet some socks but her mother (in law?) told her you can’t crochet socks, only knit them. My response to her is my response to the “you can do more with knitting” theory in general–Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Actually, the “you can’t crochet socks” thing is the most laughable knitting vs crochet argument in existence, considering I can think of two books devoted to it off the top of my head, & could probably provide you with 20 links for crocheted socks with about 30 seconds worth of searching. Hell, I myself have created two different patterns for crocheted socks! (Only wrote down one, sadly.)

You know, I couldn’t knit a doily if my life depended on it. Does that mean it’s impossible? Er, no.

If your stitches have no definition, it means you’re using crappy yarn, or a bad hook/yarn combo. (I knitted a skirt for Esther, & the eyelets I put in the bottom had shitty definition, probably because I was using a fairly thick yarn for the size needles I had.)

I think one of the best illustrations of “I can do anything you can do” is over at Bev’s Country Cottage. (Bev, have I mentioned lately how much I love you? I haven’t? Shame on me. I love you. Er, in a platonic, crocheting sort of way.) You can see her original Very Easy Booties here, and there is a knitted version here. Some day I’ll make both to illustrate how much alike they are, but trust me there’s very little difference.

I’ve personally crocheted a version of the baby hat from Stitch & Bitch. (Umbilical baby hat? Is that it?) I have a whole book that is dedicated to crocheted versions of common knit stitches.

I defy anyone to come up with something knitted that I couldn’t do in crochet. Oh, and to come up with a decent-looking knitted granny square.