Crocheted Bunny from a Knitting Pattern

Jo has this tutorial for making a bunny out of a knitted square up on her blog artsy fartsy mama.

I had been planning to make a crocheted version of this for a while but I never got around to it and eventually forgot I had the tut bookmarked. I came across it again last night after arranging the links in my Crochet & Crafts bookmark folder alphabetically and decided I’d have to take the time to make it today.

I used an I hook and some spare DK weight yarn of uncertain origin. I did it in Tunisian crochet because I never do anything in that technique, but I have no doubt it can be used with any stitch. One of the commenters at the author’s site suggests it’s a great use for gauge swatches, and I’m certain that’s true for the folks who don’t frog theirs like I do. (Every little bit of yarn should be used, right?)

I’m a little unclear on parts of the shaping, so I winged it some, but overall it’s an excellent tutorial. Plenty of pictures, easily understood text, etc. The big difference, aside of course from using crochet, was that I didn’t do a felted tail like she did; mine is several chain stitch loops. I didn’t want something Esther could pull off easily. Of course, she was trying to take it from my hands before I was even done with it, but she managed to carry it off and leave it somewhere unknown during the short time I was moving the pictures from my camera onto my computer, so I think this is the record for the least amount of time it’s taken her to lose something.


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