Daily Archives: 29 August, 2007


I was starting to think I’d never get it done!

The shorts were simple, though I did make them more difficult than they really needed to be when I was trying to figure it out.

Then I spent a flippin’ long amount of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a shirt. I’d first intended to crochet the whole thing, but I just wasn’t making any progress on that, so I finally took a onesie and crocheted a turtle motif (yes, my own pattern) to sew on it.

The booties are a variation of the ones I made for a girl, and the hat’s just a tube I crocheted the top of closed. (Yes, I wanted it to look like that.)

Very simple, and it all took perhaps half a 6oz skein of sport weight yarn (including several false starts that I simply cut loose & gave to the kids to play with).

So, for all this, I am done! I’m going to consider the hexagonal blanket I made a while ago as being for the new baby (this is how much I hate making blankets), and anything else from here on out will just be for fun.