A brief note.

It’s not the reason why I took a break from this blog, but I lost the baby. I have the urge to work out my feelings with hook and yarn, but there is nothing that comes to mind. I believe this pregnancy will be memorialized as much in unfinished projects as anything–I cannot bear to look at the baby blanket I was crocheting up until the day I got the news, nor the skirt I started to occupy my hands in the hospital. For now, it’s enough. I’ll be able to work something more eventually.

If you’re at all curious as to what’s been going on, there are a few more posts over at my other blog, Trailer Park Paradise, which you can get to by clicking on my profile picture.


3 responses to “A brief note.

  1. I just read your other blog and had tears when you posted about getting your babies back. I had no idea it was so bad and I hope the judge sees you for the wonderful mother you are. I’m very sorry you and the girls are going through this.

  2. I’m very sorry to read you are going through such an ordeal, my thoughts are with you.

  3. I found your site quite by accident months ago while searching for crochet stuff. I have been praying for your situation, and sincerely hope that you & your girls are okay. If you still have time to crochet, I would love to see what you are doing.
    Take care, Sandy

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