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I have a serious case of crochet envy, here.

I think I actually belong to, but they’re a bit too self-aware hip for my tastes, so I’ve never actually participated, and I rarely go there.

So it was StumbleUpon that brought me the joyousness of this Craftster creation:

Ami Discworld

Isn’t it wonderful?  I’m a fan of Terry Pratchett, of course.  I’d have to turn in my nerd card if I wasn’t.

I am now also a fan of June Gilbank.  (Here’s her blog post on the Discworld.)

I am now going to link to her site in general and her blog in specific on my sidebar.  She sells some crochet patterns too, so be sure to check those out if you’ve a hankering to crochet a Corgi.


Ongoing Project

I’m working on a pattern book–well, a pattern e-book–of single skein crochet projects.

The idea is simple: twenty-five projects, all crochet, all using a single skein of yarn.  But not just any single skein of yarn.  A single skein of yarn you can go to Wal-Mart and buy.

See, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I can’t (especially now, sans husband/breadwinner) go spend $15 or $20 on a skein of yarn.

This is the first project (well, the second, but I’m absentminded enough to have lost the directions for the first) I’ve got so far:

The first picture is Bobbie, the second Esther.  They’re wearing the same poncho.  I crocheted it with Caron Simply Soft, using a K hook.  It’s one of the ultra simple two-rectangle ponchos, with a round of single crochet at the neckline to keep it from stretching out of shape, and a flower applique on the front point.  I’m rather proud of it, as it’s a one-size-fits-most-kids thing.

There are already two one-skein pattern books in print that I know of.  Thing is, both are overwhelmingly knitting patterns.  And that sticks in my craw, because there are so many crochet patterns out there, and projects possible, that use one skein or less of yarn.

So I’m putting together my own.

Input as to what type of projects I should include is much appreciated.

Welcome to the new place.

As I said, I’ve moved all the posts from the old blog over here.  I’ll be going for a trip down memory lane shortly.  I didn’t want to just leave y’all with nothing but the old stuff, though.  So I will show off an FO:

Much as I tend to avoid working with itty-bitty hooks, in some cases it is wonderful and I love the result.  This is one of those cases.  This Bratz Baby I bought for my eldest daughter came merely wrapped in a blanket.  When I bought her sisters the same type of doll, but with clothes, she was very upset.  So I promised I’d crochet her something for the doll.
My usual combo of worsted weight yarn and an H or I hook doesn’t work on a Barbie, and it sure wouldn’t work here.  Instead I used one of the steel hooks I bought with the theory I’d make doilies (yes, once upon a time I fancied myself a doily-er), and a skein and a quarter of embroidery floss.  The little skirt is one row of single crochet and two rows of doubled (ie, two-in-each-stitch) half-double crochet.  Used up the whole skein, and so I picked up some white to finish it off.

Bobbie loved it, and of course has since taken it off and lost it, but c’est la vie.

I’ve other finished objects to show off, but there is a great localized need for dinner, and so they must wait.