Monthly Archives: September 2008

2 WIPs

First up is a skirt.  I’ve never actually finished any clothes for myself before, though I have started plenty.

This started out as the wrap skirt from Crochet Me the book.  Then I remembered that I don’t like wrap skirts.  And I wasn’t positive I’d have enough yarn for it, since I need to make a larger size than the largest in the book.  (What can I say, I’ve got a round rear end.  Really round.)

So.  It’s not a wrap skirt.  It uses different colored yarns.  And a different stitch for the main part of the body.  Oh, and a different hook size.  And a different stitch count for the waistband.  And I’m not going to put a button closure on it; I’m going to put a lace-up closure on it.  So it’s really not the same skirt at all anymore.

But I’m grateful for the idea that the book gave me.  And major props to Amy O’Neill Houk, the designer of the wrap mini, for designing a garment using Red Heart Super Saver.  And to Kim Werker, or whoever decided to actually include it in the book: I love you.

This is WIP #2.  But, it’s not crocheted!  No, not yet.  This is a plastic canvas frame for a crochet project.  I’m making a basinette for Esther’s Bratz Baby doll.  The cover is being crocheted right now, and then I’ll make a mini afghan to go along with it, and a nightgown for the doll itself.  And Esther will play with it and be very, very happy for like a minute and a half, and then she will go grab Little Boy (the new kitten) and start trying to dress him in my bra again.