Skirt Redux

Remember this?

waistband-3This is the skirt I was working on post-before-last.  I love the look of it overall, but I was frankly getting nowhere with it.  The waistband was worked vertically, with an H hook, and though I’d bumped up to an I hook for the skirt part, since I’d made the decision to work in SC, it was slow.

I’ve frogged and reworked this sucker so many times it’s not funny.  Bumped up to a J hook.  Tried HDC like the original pattern called for.  Just don’t like the look of it.

So I decided to work it vertically.  Frogged the solid pink part, dropped back down to an H hook, and started working it vertically.  Problem here was twofold.  First, no matter what I did to attach it to the waistband, it wound up looking pretty funky.  More important to my lack of patience, it’s still slow.

So.  Started over again for the umpteenth time.

I’m determined to make myself a skirt.  In all my playing around to try to develop something, I took a K hook and, using chainless single crochet (also known as double base chain, or double chain), figured out I need 90 sc to fit around my waist.

This is what I’ve got right now:


Looks pretty similar, doesn’t it?  It’s still a WIP, of course.  I don’t have the energy or the time anymore to bang out something like that in a night.  I worked on it while catching up with The Order of the Stick.  I’ve got 20 rows so far, and I’m aiming for 90 (that’s a K hook I’m working with, & SCs are nicely square), so I’m a whopping 22% into it, but thus far I love the way it’s going.  Turns out that with a K hook I don’t need that many stitches to get a slightly-less-than-knee-length skirt.  I’m working with 54 sts right now, and 10 of them are the print yarn.  This should give me essentially the same look as I’d originally intended–I’m going to use the same yarn for trim at the bottom hem–but with much simpler construction.  Since I always switch colors in the same place, I’m not cutting the yarn but simply dropping it; it’s not much of an issue to carry it up a single crochet row.

I’m not doing all BLO either.  I’m doing one my wrong-side rows in FLO (which gives the same look as BLO on the right side), and my right-side rows through both loops.  So it’s a wider rib, and there’s also the added benefit that working vertically gives a nice, well, vertical line to it, which of course is more attractive.  Working in this manner is also supposed to improve the drape and fit of the finished product.  We shall see.

That’s my post for the week…


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