I’m late this week, but I have an FO to share.

shawl-3I checked out a book on crochet out of the kids’ section of the library, thinking I could find some quick projects therein.  Unfortunately, I forgot to copy down the name of the book, which is a shame, as I’ve actually made something out of it.

This is the “Show-Off Shawl.”  It’s really a simple net triangle shawl.  Took about two days to make, and that wasn’t steady work.  It’s easily a day’s project for anyone who crochets steadily.

The yarn is Berella 4, but showing my scatterbrained-ness lately, I forgot to write down the color.  I love this particular colorway, though.  I made Esther a blanket & a shirt out of it last year.  Paid much less for these two skeins (took slightly less than two skeins of the main color, & just a little bit of the coordinating pink used in the border.  I made a couple of changes.  For one, I left off four rows of the body.  I made it as a Christmas gift for my eldest (the younger two will get shawls of their own as well, I just haven’t made ’em yet), so it’s plenty big enough as is.  I also used a coordinating yarn for the edging, instead of the same yarn as the body, and only did one round of the edging, not enough to make it a ruffled edging like it’s supposed to be.  I also used a J hook on the edging instead of the same size as the one I made the body with (5.5mm).

All in all, I’m incredibly happy with it, and I’ll get the others soon enough.

Here are a couple pix of Ro modeling her sister’s gift.  (Please forgive any typos, I’m tired & NAK.)


Yeah, I still need to weave in ends.

In other news, I believe I have just this coming week left in the semester, not counting finals.  Spring semester starts 12 Jan.  So I should have plenty of crocheting time during my winter break.


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