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Ravelry is Crack

Yes, oh yes it is.

I had avoided asking for an invite (I actually knew of it before it ever went online) because in mixed knitting and crochet communities it seems that my preferred craft gets the short end of the stick.  However, a trusted friend on Mama Drama assured me that there is a very active crochet community there, so I began to consider it.

When it came up in my StumbleUpon a few days before Christmas, I went ahead & requested an invitation.  It just came today (a full week after I requested it, by the way, not the 4 days I was told it would be when I signed up) and I am already addicted.  I haven’t figured out exactly how to do any of the social aspect of it, but I fell as deeply in love with Ravelry as I did with MySpace (yes, I freely confess to an enduring MySpace addiction).  I giggled stupidly as I inputted almost all of my hooks–though what is with not having 4.25 mm as a choice?  I giggled even more stupidly as I logged in all the books I could come up with from memory, and just moments ago there was yet more stupid giggling as I added several projects to my queue.

So there is much awaiting me once I am done with the baby clothes I am making (there will be at least one pattern forthcoming from it, by the way).  I shall crochet shawls…

A quick last-minute Christmas present, should you need one.

I have a pattern for a Basic Adult Hat up over on my patterns blog.  Not that it’s the sort of thing I think you really need a pattern for, but I wanted to get it down and put it up anyway, because I always seem to overthink these things & assume everyone’s as comfortable with freehanding it as I am.

Here’s a pic:


Yeah, the picture sucks.  Sorry.  I’ll take a better picture of the hat as soon as I get more batteries for my digital camera; this was taken with my webcam.

We actually have any number of hats floating around the house.  However, none of them really go with the hot pink gloves I bought this year.  So I went digging through my stash & turned up some Red Heart Super Saver yarn in  “lipstick print”.

This was another one of those things which shouldn’t have taken me nearly as long to make as it did.  I started work on it and then wandered off and did other stuff for a few days before coming back & finishing it.

It would make a good gift, if by some chance you’re still making gifts tonight & tomorrow.  It should only take an hour or two to work up.

Merry Christmas, all!  I swear my youngest daughter really does have both halves of her head; apparently WP simply lops off the non-compliant part of a picture instead of shrinking it down.

Merry Christmas


I don’t know why I didn’t get this put together on time; I certainly had the content ready.  Sigh.

Went to Wal-Mart this weekend & bought a Sterilite ClearView 5-drawer box.  I guess box isn’t really the right word for it, but I can’t think of a better one.

dsc00958Here she is.  Up until now I had all of my hooks & other notions in a small ClearView box about the size of a pencil box.  While it was definitely a better idea than nothing at all, my previous organization strategy, as the box filled up it became more difficult to find what I needed.

So.  This.  Top drawer has scissors, two types of stitch markers, my 6-inch ruler, that sort of thing.  It also has the USB card reader for my camera’s memory card, but that’s neither here nor there.

Second drawer has my small cache of knitting supplies.  I have them, I am capable of using them…I just don’t.

Third drawer is steel/aluminum crochet hooks.

Fourth drawer is plastic/plastic handled crochet hooks.

I think I’ll go back soon & sort them by size instead.  4.5 mm & under in one, 5mm & above in the other.  Or something.

Fifth drawer has yarn needles (which should really be moved to the top drawer), embroidery floss, sewing needles, & buttons.  Miscellaneous notions, in other words–it also has hooks for my Knifty Knitters, & when I locate my i-cord maker it’ll go in there as well.

So.  There you have it.  A definite improvement.  Should make things much easier to find.

I am also done with my semester, and have almost a month’s break.  My goal is to finish that damned skirt.