A quick last-minute Christmas present, should you need one.

I have a pattern for a Basic Adult Hat up over on my patterns blog.  Not that it’s the sort of thing I think you really need a pattern for, but I wanted to get it down and put it up anyway, because I always seem to overthink these things & assume everyone’s as comfortable with freehanding it as I am.

Here’s a pic:


Yeah, the picture sucks.  Sorry.  I’ll take a better picture of the hat as soon as I get more batteries for my digital camera; this was taken with my webcam.

We actually have any number of hats floating around the house.  However, none of them really go with the hot pink gloves I bought this year.  So I went digging through my stash & turned up some Red Heart Super Saver yarn in  “lipstick print”.

This was another one of those things which shouldn’t have taken me nearly as long to make as it did.  I started work on it and then wandered off and did other stuff for a few days before coming back & finishing it.

It would make a good gift, if by some chance you’re still making gifts tonight & tomorrow.  It should only take an hour or two to work up.

Merry Christmas, all!  I swear my youngest daughter really does have both halves of her head; apparently WP simply lops off the non-compliant part of a picture instead of shrinking it down.


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