Ravelry is Crack

Yes, oh yes it is.

I had avoided asking for an invite (I actually knew of it before it ever went online) because in mixed knitting and crochet communities it seems that my preferred craft gets the short end of the stick.  However, a trusted friend on Mama Drama assured me that there is a very active crochet community there, so I began to consider it.

When it came up in my StumbleUpon a few days before Christmas, I went ahead & requested an invitation.  It just came today (a full week after I requested it, by the way, not the 4 days I was told it would be when I signed up) and I am already addicted.  I haven’t figured out exactly how to do any of the social aspect of it, but I fell as deeply in love with Ravelry as I did with MySpace (yes, I freely confess to an enduring MySpace addiction).  I giggled stupidly as I inputted almost all of my hooks–though what is with not having 4.25 mm as a choice?  I giggled even more stupidly as I logged in all the books I could come up with from memory, and just moments ago there was yet more stupid giggling as I added several projects to my queue.

So there is much awaiting me once I am done with the baby clothes I am making (there will be at least one pattern forthcoming from it, by the way).  I shall crochet shawls…


One response to “Ravelry is Crack

  1. I’m on Ravelry – AnyOtherName

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