Oldest UFO in existence–finished!

I call this the “Underway Blanket” because I started it back in 2002 to give my husband something special to keep him warm while he was underway.

Embarrassingly enough, this project outlasted our marriage.

See, folks, this is why I don’t make full-size afghans.  Because it takes me damn near seven years to finish them.  For even more laugh-at-Sabra perspective, I’ve been working on this sucker almost as long as my oldest child has been alive.  Well, OK, not working on it all that time; most of the time it lived in a closet somewhere while I went off and worked on other things.  Things that gave me more immediate gratification.

To show that I’m not completely bitter, I do intend to actually give this thing to Robert now that I’ve finished it up.  Mainly because my mother tried appropriating it before I finished it, and that annoyed the fuck out of me.  (‘Scuse my language.  But you do not cuddle up under someone else’s UFO.)


One response to “Oldest UFO in existence–finished!

  1. LOL! I agree. You most definitely do not cuddle up under someone else’s UFO!

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