Monthly Archives: March 2009

Finished that darned halter top.

It would fit me. Sort of. If I crammed my boobies into it and didn’t mind the fact that you could see my nipples through the thing.

Looks much better on Miss Linda than I could ever hope it to look on me. It’s a wee bit big, granted, but as far as anyone ever has to know, it was meant that way. She loves it, and I don’t have to a) spend the next three months trying to make it work for me or b) frog it like everyone else who’s made the pattern. Yay.

Maybe I should read reviews before starting a pattern the next time!

I am working on the One-Skein Backless Halter from Sensual Crochet. I decided to put it up on Ravelry, ’cause I belatedly remembered that’s what Ravelry’s for.

After doing this, I went & checked out the other two projects for this pattern.  Now, that there are only two projects from a pattern in a book published last year should have been my first warning.  Would have been, had I the intelligence to check it out before starting the pattern.

Both of the other women who’ve made it either have or plan to frog it. Gulp.  From Pyogazel’s notes:

Feb 20th : finished. Used almost 3 skeins. Worn just to takes pictures, wll frog as soon as yarn is needed. Definitely NOT for big boobs, unless you intend to wear it in private let-s-have-fun-with-our-body sessions.

Heh.  Well, I wasn’t intending to wear it out in public.  Not without some heavy modificatons.  Right now I’m planning on, at the least, running a length of I-cord through it horizontally to help creat a shelf bra, and basically not putting ties on it where the pattern says to put ties on it, but whereever it makes more sense to do so.

I’ve also increased my hook size.  I was trying to make it exactly according to pattern, at least as much as I could, but this 3.5mm hook stuff is just not amusing.  It should not take this long for me to make a 16-round square (even accounting for the fact that I’m certain I’ll need more than 16 rounds).  So I’ve switched over to a 3.75 mm hook for my 13th round.  I imagine I’ll need 20-25 rounds.  At least.

I’m quite well-endowed, and plus-sized besides, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can get this pattern to work for my body.  Probably not, but it’s at least been a fun thing to make.  I’m using a yummy bamboo blend yarn (that I don’t recall the brand of, & that of course I lost the label from), so at least it’s a pleasant experience to crochet it.