Do you Stumble?

Assuming you use Firefox (and if not, why not?), and further assuming you have the StumbleUpon app, I have a plea for you:

Any time you come across a good crochet blog or, even better, a good free pattern, Stumble it!  I’ve been surfing through their Knitting/Crochet category, and the bulk of what I’m coming across is knitting.  I gave a thumb up to the Little Fire Crochet Pants from With a Tangled Skein, & actually discovered it for SU!  I’m going to go through her blog and Stumble other crochet patterns, and the whole blog, so Amy if you suddenly start getting a lot more traffic, that’s why.

I love finding new patterns.  Much as Ravelry’s great for that, the random nature of SU really appeals to me.  So, if you have a favorite pattern that you use again & again, please Stumble it so the rest of us can share!


3 responses to “Do you Stumble?

  1. So what are you crocheting currently?

    • I just finished up a dress for my oldest daughter’s Barbie, which I will post pictures of shortly. I’m also working on the Den-M-Knit pineapple skirt/poncho, which is on Ravelry.

  2. I love that idea! I forget that I have the stumble option…

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