Things I plan to crochet.

This is not the same as my Ravelry queue.  I feel bad for putting things in queue that I’m not going to make almost immediately.  This is, mainly, stuff that I have StumbledUpon and added to my Crafts bookmark subfolder (and not things that I’ve downloaded as .PDFs, either).  In other words, it’s my “someday” cache.

First, my current WIP:

Den-M-Knit Pineapple Skirt or Poncho.  This is a lovely pattern over at  I’m actually mainly working in the .PDF of the chart.  Why?  Well, the skirt has a max waist measurement of 30″.  Which I might have had at around age 12 or 13.  So I am not using the right yarn (I’m using white Caron Simply Soft) or the right hook–I’m using a 6mm instead of 4mm.  Sounds like a huge leap, but it’s not.  I’ve got to get it over my 47″ hips anyway.  I plan on running some i-cord (well, the crocheted version) or ribbon through the waistline.

Seraphina Shawl.  This is in my Ravelry queue, but I really should take it out, because it’s far down my list o’ things to do.  The problems with this pattern are rather legendary.  (That’s why the link takes you not to the original pattern, but to the corrected version on Crochetville.)

Little Fire Crochet Pants.   Somewhere I have some Wool-Ease.  These will go in the box o’ baby gifts to be given that I really should have, rather than my current method of scrambling to make something & hoping the baby hasn’t outgrown it by the time I get it sent.

Bev’s Newborn Baby Jacket.  This isn’t a “someday” pattern; this is a pattern I use so often I know it mostly by heart.  Still, I have it bookmarked in case I forget things, which I inevitably do.  I absolutely love Bev Qualheim.  Her blog is in my daily reading list.

Crochet Chainmail Hood.  One of the mamas on MotheringDotCommune came up with this pattern.  When I saw her thread about it, I didn’t open it for three days because I thought for sure it was a knit pattern.  Imagine my delight when I discovered it wasn’t!

Celestine Crochet. On the one hand, it looks like fun.  On the other, it looks like it would take a while & my kids would squabble over it if I made only one.

Crochet Crown.  I’ve been planning to make this sucker for years.  Seriously, since we lived in Hawaii.  I started it once & frogged it; damned if I remember why!

Bella Bambina’s Sweater Dress.  This is very pretty, but quite frankly I could probably make it without the pattern.  (Just as she could undoubtedly make my Basic Baby Dress without the pattern!)

Kimono Sweater.   Being that there’s not an actual pattern, this should be right up my alley!  And it is, but I foresee making it in cotton yarn, & I simply haven’t enough, nor at the moment the money to buy enough.

Belize Wrap.  I haven’t quite decided whether I actually like it or not.  It intrigues me, but honestly it’s not my style at all.  Maybe I’ll eventually find the perfect recipient & make it as a gift.

Crochet Cami.  One of those things I just haven’t had the time for yet.  The lady who wrote this pattern was 12 at the time!  I could barely crochet in a straight line at that age!

Child’s Snuggie.  I’ll admit it.  I don’t own a TV.  I’ve never seen the Snuggie commercials.  In all likelihood, I will never make this.  It’s just scary, and fascinating.

Cut-Away Cardi.  Incredibly cute–and it can probably be made with Simply Soft.  But in south Texas, there’s already no reason to wear it.

Doral Wristlets.  In all honesty, I still have not figured out the purpose of these sort of things.  And they’d move around like crazy, wouldn’t they?  But they are cute, and look like they’d be a quick project, so they stay in the list.

I LOVE stars.  Now, this is what I should make for the brand new Charlotte Elizabeth H~ J~.  I wonder how much time it would take…

Sugar ‘n Cream Halter.  This is another one I’ve had since Hawaii.  It’s been a goal of mine for a while to make a halter top that actually covers my boobies.   Of course mine are, oh, ten  or so times the size of hers (at least), but she has a template on that page of how she made the cups, and if I can just figure out what goes where, I’m all set.

Mop Top Mascots.  I just came across these tonight.  They will probably get made soon.  They’re cute, and look to be quick to whip up.  In fact, they and the next link are the reasons for this post tonight.

Around the World Baby Cardigan & Hat.  I have a TON of Simply Soft.  I need to make this!  If I make the larger size, Miss Charlotte should be able to wear it when it gets cold again.

(I love it when my friends have kids!)


One response to “Things I plan to crochet.

  1. You have given me added incentive to get writing on that blog more often dear!! God Bless you! And thanks for putting my baby jacket in your little queue here!

    You should try the hexagon one too!! (Like you needed one more thing to make right??)

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