The Barbie Float

When asked about what I am currently crocheting, I answered that I had just finished a Barbie dress.

Fiesta ended last week.  Thursday, Bobbie’s school had a float parade.  All the kids were invited to make floats and, if they had done so, to march in the parade.  Naturally, I learned of this on Monday.  I guess I should count myself lucky it wasn’t Wednesday!

We pulled out a shoebox and my mother helped Bobbie cover it with scrapbooking paper.  While they were working on that, I set to work on the dress.  Using a 3.75 mm hook and some pink sport weight yarn that was laying around, I came up with a strapless gown.  The train starts at the top of the dress and is about half again as long as the dress itself.  Onto this went several flower appliques, each made with a larger hook and/or yarn.  (For instance, I started out with fingering weight yarn and a 3.75 mm hook, then switched to a 4mm hook, then to sport weight yarn with the same hook & so on).  Three days’ of fitful work later, Bobbie had her own Fiesta princess.

barbie-float-small-one1Here’s the finished project (plus a bonus shot of part of my laptop and my comforter, ha-ha).

This is actually not a Barbie, but some random other doll I’ve bought fairly recently.  Honestly, I can’t tell them apart.  I shouldn’t use Barbie for any fashion doll, I know, but it was made by Mattel.  I think it’s actually a Belle doll.

I added the center tie as an afterthought, because I was afraid the train would otherwise be so heavy it would fall down.

You see that she’s sitting on a Barbie couch and practicing her Fiesta wave.  What you don’t see is the fact that I taped the crap out of her to hold her in place.  Her arm that’s behind the couch it taped to it, her legs underneath the gown is taped to it, the train itself is taped down, and the ribbon sash is taped in two different places.

This was made 100% with stash yarn, for which I am very proud.  You know that stash game I was a part of?  Nothing ever became of it.  I’m 99% certain that I won, at least in terms of yardage, but no winner was ever actually declared.  I think I may have teed off some people because I finished off an afghan UFO that had been haunting my closet for years.  Rules of the game allowed us to claim the entire weight of the project.  Since it was worked in double-stranded worsted weight yarn, it weighed over three pounds.  Even with having to subtract 64 points for the yarn I had to buy to finish it, it was worth several hundred points.  I didn’t–and don’t care about an actual prize, but I did want bragging rights.  Well, I won’t bother them again.  (And for the record, I do think that afghan had something to do with the lack of a declared victor because they had no problem declaring a winner in the previous stash game.)

But I digress.  It truly doesn’t matter & I shouldn’t let it bother me.

One more picture.  This is of Bobbie holding her float after school (I did take pictures of the parade, but none of them were particularly good):



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