Monthly Archives: May 2009

So I was sitting at my computer last night

at around 10PM, Stumbling through the Knitting/Crochet category and thinking I’m going to put the pineapple skirt in hibernation, when Esther streaked by me.

“Esther,” I said, “I’m going to crochet you a pair of panties.”

So I went to my big bucket o’ yarn and pulled out (what else?) a skein of Simply Soft and set to work.  Esther willingly stuck her butt in my face for a while before falling asleep, but when I finished the panties I put them on her anyway.

And found out they were too big.  By this time, it was 30 minutes til midnight, otherwise known as seven hours until I had to wake up.  So I put them down with the intent of  picking them up and frogging the front so I could fix them.

And so I did.

They’re not pretty.  They weren’t really mean to be.  Just a quick & dirty project for the 3-year-old.

They fit now.  In fact, she is still wearing them.  Earlier, she put them on and immediately started singing the theme song from COPS.

Oh yeah…

That’s why I don’t make stuff for myself. Because it takes for-freaking-ever.

The pineapple skirt is at 40% complete. Round 20 out of 50. One round takes a really long time. And it’s starting to get hot here, so holding a pile o’ Simply Soft in my lap is growing progressively less appealing.